YIN is in

Are you noticing how being more YIN is in?

This is a sort of pun, but it’s true that yin reflects the movement into a more feminine energy which IS more of a going “in”, as well as being more receptive, quiet, and passive. But not the kind of passive we’ve learned to equate that word with.

It’s not submissive, or meek.

It’s more like REST, or pause which may SEEM passive, but it’s rest that brings us a quiet strength for our creative life force to move us powerfully into actions and create forms – all in it’s divine timing.

How does this relate to our day to day lives?

It means we can let go of our conditioning to always be busy (thus perhaps feeling important), drop the notions of rest being lazy and judgements that it's a bad thing and know that rest is required.  

We can also let go of the conditioning to push to get what we think we want which is a form of forcing. And if you are familiar with the Dao, there is no need to force anything, ever.

Life takes care.

If we pay attention to life’s flow, we can flow serendipitously with life’s signals and directions with ease. No need to go against life’s current and totally exhaust ourselves trying.

Instead, we can LISTEN

Listen deeply to our inner authority that is there to guide us. Understand how it works for you, trust it, and use it so it becomes second nature and always steers you in the direction you are meant to go.

It reminds me of a Japanese word Ikigai, which I was reminded of recently.

Ikigai loosely translates to “reason for being”.

Ikigai is your purpose of life and identifying your ikigai takes willingness, perseverance and ongoing refinement which requires you to constantly observe yourself, reflect on your actions, behavior, and how you interact with the world around you.


Every week in my Yoga classes I invite us to set our Sankalpa, an intentional vow you make and commit yourself to.

It can be anything but usually I suggest it center around,

how you want to feel each day and how you want to relate to the world.

Your reason for being.

Ikigai is said to be Japan’s secret to happiness.

Helpful tip for the month:

Deep LISTENING so you can tune into your inner authority, and to be in flow with your Ikigai.  Here is my suggested helpful tip for this month:

  • When you are listening, be aware of your breath simultaneously.
  • This may be listening to another person speak, or it may be listening to sounds in your environment.
  • You can listen AND be aware of your breathing at the same time.
  • See if you notice a shift.
  • If you listen deeply to others by also being aware of your breathing it helps release that automatic movement of mind that's already formulating a response to what’s being said while the person is still speaking.
  • If you listen more deeply to your environment and feel your breath and the senses of your physical body at the same time, you will find the mind noise volume reduce significantly. You rest in the presence of being in the moment.

Give it a go and let me know how you go.

I’d love to know. 

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With love & gratitude,

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